Why Entrepreneurship?

Guide for an Entrepreneur

Alexis Mujica

In every corner of the world, at the moment, there is at least one person creating, dreaming, inventing new ways to satisfy unexplored markets or simply presenting proposals for improvement to products or services that are already known to consumers. It is this, a disturbing thought, to think from the phrase "and what if we can do ..." The main characteristic of an entrepreneur.

Referring to the term entrepreneur, we are describing that person who is not only able to create in his mind a new business idea, but focuses on materializing it, capturing opportunities in the market, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his proposal and especially Adding value to the end customer.

If we look at the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), the definition of entrepreneur is "that undertakes with resolution innovative actions or companies", which leads to another key definition for entrepreneurship: innovation, whose definition refers to the Change or alter something, introducing new features.

If we join these two concepts, we are talking about idea, novelty, which leads us to a definition of entrepreneur that expresses very assertively the great philosopher and father of the direction Peter Drucker (1964), an entrepreneur seeks change, responds to He and explores his Opportunities. Innovation is a specific tool of an entrepreneur, so that the effective entrepreneur turns a resource into a resource.

If you are one of those who come to their jobs and just think of developing an idea that not only allows you to be the boss but also gives you the freedom to develop that idea that rotates between your thoughts, accompany us to revise aspects Of a The entrepreneurial spirit to encourage you to give life to your own business.

Why Entrepreneurship?

Many will wonder why to undertake? While it seems to be a select world for great inventors.

The idea of a company is associated with independence, well-being and productivity. However, to achieve this, it needs a lot of dedication to make the company commercially accepted.

To encourage them to undertake, from a very real point of view, we want to share what has been in our experience the advantages and disadvantages of this adventure:


You can develop your idea from your own style, which will give life to your project: from the name and logo, to the dress code of those who accompany you.

Provide economic independence: the more you work you will see more results for you, unlike a dependency relationship, whose salary is usually fixed.

You can adjust working hours.

You learn to be flexible and respond to situations of uncertainty.

The satisfaction of seeing your idea materialized in the market.

Generate new sources of employment.

Develop a long-term vision.

It is challenging, defies your comfort zone and demands the best of you day by day.



In the beginning, the responsibility for results lies solely with you and your business partners.

They require financial resources to help you along the way.

Needs exclusive dedication

According to the characteristic traits of your personality, you will consider it as a risk or an adventure, however, the satisfaction at the beginning is such that we invite you to develop your adventurous spirit and join the world of entrepreneurs.

Anyone can undertake, however, it is important to point out that an entrepreneur must be creative, risky, innovative and above all must have the ability to exploit their strengths and recognize their opportunities for improvement, address them and shield them with the resources that to their maximum satisfaction .

By the very nature of an entrepreneur, anyone who wants to start in this direction, must be very creative and have a refined "scent" to capture business opportunities.

Another important characteristic of an entrepreneur is the high level of leadership, because it is important that their results have the ability to influence their stakeholders and convince them of the value of their idea.

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